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Our Baked Goods

We bake fresh decadent sweet goods everyday.

People always ask us, "What do you bake?" We answer, fresh baked traditional Awrey favorites.   Long John Coffee Cakes have been a staple for over 50 years!  Cookies, Fruit Bars all baked to perfection and ready for you to enjoy.

While Awrey bakery market is CLOSED at this time.

We are still serving our valued customers with shipping. Orders will be shipped on Tuesday's and Thursday's of each week. Only items on our website are available for shipment. Please email include items & quantity with the best phone number to be reached at, for shipping and payment info.

From all of us at Awrey bakery. Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

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Breakfast at Awrey's Gift Box

$29.99 + tax (shipping will vary)

This gift box includes all of your Awrey favorites. To start your mornings right, a 12oz. bag of ground Awrey's original coffee, a coffee mug, 8 count blueberry toaster rounds, 8 count date nut bar, Long john coffee (serves 12) This box is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a trip down memory lane.

Best of Detroit Gift Box

$29.99 + tax (shipping will vary)

This basket is loaded with some of your favorites, coming out of the Detroit area!  Included in this gift box, 8 count Awrey raspberry fruit bar, 8 count Awrey date nut shortbread , 8oz. Kar's sweet & salty nuts, 6oz Dearborn beef stix, 3.5oz Better Made Detroit mix popcorn and a 10oz jar of Sanders hot fudge.


Blueberry Toaster Rounds

8 count $3.99
12 count $5.99

We have been baking Blueberry Toaster Rounds for many decades.  They are perfect for Breakfast.  Just pop in the toaster and spread with butter. These  are a real crowd pleaser. The smell when these are warmed up is just so unbelievable it will transport you back to your Grandmother’s kitchen. 

Cornbread Toaster Rounds

8 count $3.99
12 count $5.99

These are an Awrey original.  An exclusive formula, never cut from a muffin.  Cornbread that fits in a toaster? Absolutely!  Made from a muffin batter, this tasty treat is great warmed up in the toaster and then topped with butter.  They are also a great complement to soups, chili, and everything in between.  Cornbread has never been this exciting or delicious

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 Date Nut Shortbread Fruit Squares

8 count $4.99
24 count $12.99

Dating back to 1910, this original Awrey recipe has been selling in the Detroit market for over 100 years!  Our gourmet Date Nut Fruit bars are filled with luscious dates and wholesome walnuts that are just the right size for today's health conscious consumers. Flours are stone ground and mixed with as few ingredients as possible and with no preservatives at all.  Taste the Awrey  difference today. We look forward to seeing you!

Raspberry Fruit Bars

8 count $4.99
24 count $12.99

Our Fruit Squares are freshly baked. Flours are stone ground and mixed with as few ingredients as possible and with no preservatives at all.  Our customers just love our Fruit Squares, and keep coming back for more… some even twice in one day! Taste the Awrey  difference today. We look forward to seeing you!

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strawberry danish pic.jpg

Awrey Danish

8 count mix and match danish $4.69

We offer three amazing flavors, Apple, Strawberry, or Cheese topping.  You can mix and match your favorite flavors by the 6 pack.  These rich buttery, flaky dough turns pastries into a sin

Strawberry Danish

Fresh Baked

Made with Awrey's famous flaky danish dough and topped with a sweet strawberry filling, baked to perfection and drizzled with icing.

apple danish pic.jpg
cheese danish and mug pic_edited.jpg

Apple Danish

Fresh Baked

Made with Awrey's famous flaky danish dough and topped with a delectable apple filling, baked to perfection and drizzled with icing.

Cheese Danish

Fresh Baked

Made with Awrey's famous flaky danish dough and topped with a rich, silky smooth cream cheese filling and baked to perfection and drizzled with the perfect amount of icing.

Almond T-ring.jpg

Cinnamon Roll

6 count cinnamon rolls $3.69

Our cinnamon rolls start with a rich buttery dough filled with gooey cinnamon filling and drizzled with just the right amount of icing

Almond Tea ring

Fan favorite $4.99

Starts with our flaky Danish dough with an almond filling then topped with a sweet icing and slivered Almonds


Chocolate Chunk
Grande Cookies

8 count $4.49

Traditional cookie dough with brown sugar and butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips

Simply Sugar
Grande Cookies

8 count $4.49

Rich all butter cookie dough baked and sprinkled with sugar

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Oatmeal Raisin
Grande Cookies

8 count $4.49

Soft and chewy oatmeal dough, perfectly spiced, with juicy raisins.  Sure to satisfy those cookie cravings.

Long John Coffee Cake

Serves 12 $5.99

This is an Awrey original item.  Our Long John coffee cake continues to be a customer favorite.  Starting with our flaky danish pastry filled with butterscotch candy filling (made here at the Awrey Bakery), walnuts, baked and topped with a butter streusel and finished off with an unforgettable icing.  Slice thick and serve right from the package or warm, it's a must for coffee lovers and can be the key ingredient to that perfect brunch.  Enjoy one today.

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