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Long John Coffee Cake French Toast

Our Famous Long John Coffee Cake with a twist.  This decadent breakfast is one that ALL will love!

LJ french toast 1.jpg
LJ french toast 0.jpg

Step 1:

Start with one Long John Coffee Cake

Step 2:

Cut Into 1" slices

LJ french toast 2.jpg
LJ french toast 3.jpg

Step 3:

Soak slices in beaten egg mixture.  We added Half and Half to our mix to make it extra rich.  Fry on griddle on all sides.  Serve with fresh fruit and enjoy!

Grande Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Prepare the same as described above and enjoy with fresh fruit.  No need for syrup as both of these breakfast dishes are Delicious all on there own.

LJ french toast 4.jpg
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